API's Vision and Values

Our vision

API has a vision of “Enriching Life as the most inspirational choice for health, beauty and wellbeing”.

Our values

At API, we are guided by six values in our day-to-day work:

Authenticity: Is simply being real. It’s about being true to both yourself and others. Having the courage to be authentic, and to do so with respect, will help us create a positive and unified business.

Respect: Is about truly appreciating diversity of thought and genuinely valuing the input that others can make.

Growth: Is a focus on personal, team and business growth as well as the growth of our partners. It requires an abundance mentality and the development of a strong coaching culture.

Initiative: Is about each of us having the courage, confidence and passion to step up and make a difference. It’s about being proactive and making a positive effort to change things for the better.

Unity: Is about coming together as one team, based on the core team principles of selflessness and trust. By working together we will create positive and sustainable change.

Excellence: Challenges us all to be the best we can be, individually and collectively.