About Us

Australian Pharmaceutical Industries

Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (API) has developed into one of Australia’s leading beauty and health retail companies. API was founded in 1910 and became one of Australia’s leading pharmaceutical distributors. Changes within the pharmacy industry propelled API to focus on the needs of consumers and patients thereby developing a retail footprint and retail services that provide growth opportunities for the company today.

API is one of the leading service providers to the pharmacy industry in Australia and today has a relationship with more than 4000 independent pharmacies. The services include wholesale product delivery, retail services, marketing programs and business advisory services. API also owns and operates the Priceline retail store brand that is a leading health and beauty brand in Australia. The company has product manufacturing capabilities and it is a niche player in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and toiletries, which supply the Australian and New Zealand markets.

API believes that all its service and product offerings must ultimately end with meeting a need of a consumer or patient. As the leading distributor of pharmaceuticals in Australia, API has staff in warehouses across the country that ensure daily deliveries of medicines to pharmacies that aim to improve the life of their patients.

API is the leading franchisor in the pharmacy industry, with more than 150 Priceline Pharmacy stores, it provides the pharmacist franchisees a total retail model. Combined with the traditional Priceline stores (no pharmacy service) that the company owns, API provide health and beauty products that meet the needs consumers. Every day staff in these stores are providing advice to consumers to add vitality and wellness to their lives.

The manufacture of our products is undertaken to the highest standards so that patients and consumers can benefit from them and improve their lives.

API’s story is one of growth and development, and today it continues to pursue growth by supporting its independent pharmacy partners and believes it is best placed to achieve this by focussing on what drives purchasing patterns of health and beauty products.